Wednesday, July 25, 2012


ND/MD has LITTLE MESH avatars !
Our LITTLES come in 3 diffrent body types:

Little Dolly

 these mesh avatars are only 0,65cm (25,5 inch) tall.
Dolly is our VERY curvy, sexy female mesh body.
ND/MD Littles mesh avatars

Little male:

these mesh avatars are only 0,65m (25,5 inch) tall.
He is the handsomest little man in SL :)
ND/MD Littles mesh avatars

and Little me:

 All Little me avatars are only 0,60cm (23,5 inch) tall.
She is a young woman around 16 - 25 years of age :)
All avatars shown here are available with more makup
options in our ND/MD Littles mesh avatars shop

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