Saturday, June 18, 2011

*Midsummer Night's Dream Hunt 2*

2 complete fantasy Avatars
FREE - Titania and Oberon
fairy queen and king

only June 21st - July 28th

HOT and NEW - Lara Skins/Shapes

*Lara* skins and shapes

Lara skins are available in 4 fantastic make ups
each in 3 skin tones !
Breast cleavage tattoos, 4 eyebrow shades + mauve lip tattoos
ALL included !

Our new children @ ND/MD Kids R Us

 A warm welcome to our new arrivals in the children area.

These 2 are Moonlay first try at child skins/shapes
and he did a fantastic job they are soooooooooo lovable :)
   Both are available in 2 skintones at our Kids R Us shop

Plus beautifull little girl skins/shapes - *Princessas*

 available in 3 skin make ups: regular, rose and peach
come over and try some DEMOS now :)